Texstyles™ Canvas Decals

Textstyles™, brand-new patterned canvas decals by Belvedere Designs®, are as unique as you and your home. With thousands of possible combinations and the option to customize any pattern or color, Textstyles™ canvas decals are undeniably the coolest new thing in vinyl home decor.

Textstyles™ canvas decals are made with a thick textured vinyl that looks and feels like canvas. They're easy to work with, self-adhesive (no holes in the wall!), and durable (aka: virtually kid proof). Our richly colored designer patterns are right on trend with the most popular colors (teal!) and patterns (chevrons!) in today's design. Best of all, Textstyles™ are repositionable and endlessly reusable.

So show your home a little love and rock the walls with Textstyles™ patterned canvas decals. Choose from a growing variety of designs and font choices to complement your design style - Your walls with thank you and your guests will ooh and aah.