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World Map Textstyles™ Canvas Wall Decal

World Map Textstyles™ Canvas Wall Decal

The Textstyles™ World Map is made with a thick textured vinyl that looks and feels like canvas. Each island, continent, and shape are easy to work with, self-adhesive (no holes in the wall!), and durable (aka: virtually kid proof).  They’re also repositionable and happily reusable – just peel ‘em off and stick ‘em somewhere else: an excellent alternative to wall paper.  The black whimsical arrows and world capitals are made with standard vinyl and are not repositionable.

This Textstyles™ World Map is about impact.  Each continent features a richly colored designer pattern right on trend with the most popular colors (teal!) and patterns (chevrons!) in today's design and is versatile enough to fit any room’s décor.  You can adjust the placement of each continent – if you’ve got a lotta room to fill, make the oceans wider; if you’re into the Pangea effect, squish ‘em all together.

Make a statement with this Textstyles™ World Map– together, we’ll make geography beautiful.

SKU: text0031

* = these colors have a metallic sheen
** = etched is not for walls. Use it on glass, tile, acrylic, & metal.

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What is a stencil decal?

A doorway to creativity! A stencil decal allows you to paint any of the designs from our collection (or your own design too) anywhere you'd like. The letters/design are removed from the vinyl substrate background, creating a stencil backdrop you can install on your project surface and paint right over. Easy, no mess, hand-painted and downright lovely. For more information on stencils, visit our Help Page!

Free Color Samples

We know how it is - colors are tricky.  It took weeks to pick that perfect paint color and you want your vinyl Wall Quotes™ decal to complement it perfectly.  We get it.  And we want to help.  Order free color samples. Compare. Contrast. See them in different light.  And then come back and order with confidence.

About Wall Quotes™ Decals

Our Wall Quotes™ decals are carefully crafted using the industry's highest quality matte finish indoor vinyl film.  The adhesive is specifically designed for indoor applications and is easy to remove.  It won't peel the paint or damage the walls.  These vinyl decals are super flexible and can be applied to many different surfaces - flat walls, textured walls, finished wood, painted concrete, glass, appliances, furniture, tile and more!  Indeed, these wall decals are a perfectly quick, easy, affordable way to add a little personality to your walls and your home.

How to Apply Vinyl Wall Quotes™ Decals

Your vinyl wall decals design will come in three layers -  an opaque transfer tape, the decal itself, and a thick cardstock-like backing paper.  You'll peel away the backing paper, exposing the adhesive backing of the design, press it onto the wall, and peel away the transfer tape.  Simple.  Each package comes with complete application instructions and an application tool.  And, check out our fantastic video library with everything from step-by-step instructions to troubleshooting techniques and insider tips.