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Looking for the perfect color for your vinyl wall decals? You'll find it here!

We know you want your new Wall Quotes™ design to be perfect. Picking a color is a big deal and we've got over 42 to choose from!  Don't stress; we've got your back.  We're happy to send up to 10 FREE color samples of your choice so you can see them up close and personal, compare with your existing decor, and feel confident about which shade of green/blue/pink is best for your new design.

All of our Indoor Colors have a lovely matte finish and when installed, will look just like they've been painted on the wall (but with so much less work!!).  There are two exceptions to the Indoor Colors though: the metallics(*), which have a slight sheen, and Etched(**), which is designed for use on glass. If you'd like to see samples of our glossy finish material designed for outdoor use, please select options from the Outdoor Colors selections. All Outdoor Glossy Colors are for outdoor application only. They come with a permanent adhesive that will ruin walls, but cause no damage to glass, metal, or plastic.

Color Samples

International Customers: We wish we could send these color samples to you free of charge, but as we're sure you know, shipping internationally can be expensive.  We're doing our very best to reduce costs, but color samples shipped to international destinations (outside the US and Canada) do require a USD $2.00 shipping fee. The good news is that with your samples we'll include a coupon code you use towards your purchase!

I don't need any color samples, just a couple sample letters to test on my wall.