Special Projects

Professional & Office Wall Decals
Special Projects

There are so many ways to use office wall decals and office wall art to highlight what you do, set the tone in your office, recognize outstanding employee contributions, and showcase your best work.

Whatever special project for your office decor you envision, we can make it happen
with custom wall decals, vinyl lettering, and designs that complement your decor, your brand,
and your company culture and values.

bethany road history

If you'd like to work on the details and design your own, just use our online Design Center with carefully curated font styles and coordinating embellishments to make your vision a reality. You can always create the design and submit it to our design team for review - we're happy to offer suggestions and make any adjustments to make your project stand out.

Or if you'd like our design team to take the reins and use your ideas and direction to make a truly remarkable design right from the get go, just complete this form with your ideas and we'll take it from there!



Outstanding Customer Projects

Schneider Electric

Charles at Schneider Electric had big ideas for creating a "Customer Corner" to highlight both the fact that their customers come from all around the world and have great experiences to share about their work with the company. We included the company's logo, branding, and values and included other elements to achieve the original vision - producing a final design that catches the eyes, inspires clients and employees alike, and is a big hit!

Bethany Road History

On one prominent wall of their new Worship Center, this church designed a stunning display to showcase the history of their building and commemorate the decades of hard work and dedication of their faithful members, community, founders, and participants. It came together beautifully.

Information Technology Welcome

This elementary school used our vinyl wall decals to spruce up their Information Technology Center and send a clear message to students about what matters most. Our decals complement any setting and this bold and classy font style is one of our most popular choices.

Canterbury Gardens

This office wall display highlights the great staff who make things run smoothly. The custom office lettering, though simple, is the perfect touch to set the tone and pull all of the elements together into a cohesive whole that tells a story and send a clear message.

Travel Agency

This travel agency used our office decals in a variety of font styles and languages to create this display and highlight what they do best - adventure! It sets the perfect tone for the office, reflects their complany values and purpose, and inspires clients to stretch their comfort zones and discover new things.