About Belvedere Designs

Behind the Scenes at Belvedere Designs

We love words. And good design. And awesome typefaces. We're a small family business based in Wadsworth, Ohio, and we believe in excellence - in design, customer service, Wall Quotes™ decals, and everything else.

We know that what you choose to put on your wall truly reflects who you are and what you believe in.

Belvedere Designs started in the living room of a 600 sq ft apartment. My husband had just started grad school, working on a PhD in Political Theory and American Government, we had just had our first baby, and we needed a way to provide for our little family and pay for school. I had worked for a sign shop when we first got married so I knew the ropes, and my husband bought a book to learn how to design a website, so we jumped in with both feet. We would work all day and almost through the night, stopping only every couple of hours to feed the baby, have a quick bite to eat, or rush off to class. As our little boy grew, so did the business, occupying every square inch of space in our very small apartment. We had vinyl stacked in closets, and under the bed, and in the pantry. We had boxes leaning against the couch and bookcases. As the business grew and we needed more room for supplies, we sold all of our living room furniture to make room for them. Our little boy even knew our phone number before he was two because he heard me repeat it so often to customers on the phone.

Looking back now, those days seem so simple. We’ve expanded – both the business and our family – in the years since. We have a dedicated office space and loyal employees who keep things humming. We just recently moved cross-country from Henderson, NV to northeast OH where we bought a farm. We’re still working on paying for grad school, but we’ve been so blessed in all of our endeavors.

What we especially love about our vinyl Wall Quotes™ is that they’re totally affordable. And for a young family on a budget, we know about affordable! Anyone can add the charm and elegance of these custom-made projects without paying an arm and a leg. But it’s more than that. Our designs are elegant, whimsical, classy, and inspiring. We know that what you choose to put on your wall truly reflects who you are and what you believe in. We love knowing that our designs help real people like you and like us relax and make their space their own.

To complement our vinyl Wall Quotes™, we’ve added other projects we really believe in and are always looking for new ideas and inspiration and still have lots of room to grow. We especially look forward to custom requests. Indeed, this is how some of our best product ideas come about. We love our designs and our products and are really proud of how far we’ve come from that 600 sq ft apartment. Come on in, have a look around and join us in our continual pursuit of excellence here at Belvedere Designs.


Co-Founder and Creative Director, Belvedere Designs