Laser Cut Wood Words Script Connected Letters

Laser Cut Wood Words Script Connected Letters

Baltic birch letters offer fantastic versatility to your next design product. With their natural finish and laser cut edge, they are perfect for rustic designs and farmhouse decor. The hardwood grain takes stain beautifully for a classic look. Birch also paints very well which allows it to fit with any style - from upscale weddings to nursery decor.

This page is for connected, unfinished premium baltic birch hardwood wood letters from 6 inches to 23.75 inches wide. The height of your word or name will depend on the font you choose, and the number of letters in the word. We're happy to send you proofs with exact sizing if you have questions on the difference between fonts you would like. Please note that there are size limits on this listing so we can offer a simple, consistent price and get your words into production faster. If you need larger words, we can cut and ship single pieces up to 23.25 inches by 35.25 inches, or we can cut larger items in multiple pieces. If you need something larger than listed here, please contact us.

  • 6 inches wide = 4 inch maximum height
  • 9 inches wide = 4.5 inch maximum height
  • 12 inches wide = 5 inch maximum height
  • 15 inches wide = 5 inch maximum height
  • 17.5 inches wide = 7.5 inch maximum height
  • 23 inches wide = 11.5 inch maximum height

Quantity is per word. (E.G., while Helen Mary Katherine is one name, it is three words). If you're ordering more than 15 words, or 5 or more sets of the same word, contact us beforehand and we can create a custom order with a quanitity discount for you. You will need to manually update the word count once you have typed in your text.

We try and connect all letters when possible, but some letters, in some fonts, just don't connect. If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering. We are happy to send a free proof.

For letters with a dot, like the lowercase "i", the default is to have the dot disconnected from the rest of text. If you would like the dot connected, leave us that note in the personalization field. We can move it to connect to the top of the letter, a close letter, or add a bar. 

Preview your text here - if you need sizing and layout, please contact us for a free proof.


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Enter the text exactly as you'd like it cut. We cannot do ALL CAPS words in these fonts. They look ugly and don't connect.
Do you want the words to look like they were written together, or every word to be as big as ordered?

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