How tall will the text be in my Design Center decal?


When you add text to a Design Center canvas, the width and height of the text is calculated based on several factors. Every font has specific characteristics that determine how each letter is drawn. The Design Center uses these characteristics to calculate the width of the text, which will be extremely accurate. If your text measures out at 65", it will be 65" long when we produce it. The height of the letters shown in the Design Center is given as a 'line height' and the finished decal may not have letters that are actually that tall.

For example, take a look at one of the available fonts, Albemarle Swash:

text metrics example

As you can see, the height of the letters can vary greatly. If you entered just the text "AaBCcDee", the calculated height would still include room for letters like the 'f' and the "k". This could result in a height of 11" being displayed, yet the finished decal might have text height of only 4" or 5", because the letters used don't take advantage of the extra height. The Design Center is set to calculate text this way to ensure that decals are not created where the letters are too tall. Note that there are measurements along the top and left side of the Design Center that can give you an idea of the height of the letters being entered. 

Again, your design will be created based on the recorded width, with the height being a general guideline. If you require a custom design with more specific height measurements, please contact us!