General Information


Belvedere Designs Gift Cards are just as good as cash on any of our web sites! They are simple to purchase and simple to use! You can purchase a Gift Card in any amount you decide. We will send the lucky person an email if you supply that information when you order the Gift Card. If no recipient email address is provided by the purchaser, the purchaser will receive the Gift Card code. 

Gift Card Features:

  • The purchase of a Gift Card is not subject to tax or shipping charges.
  • A Gift Card can be purchased in any amount - simply enter the amount you want on the card.
  • The Gift Card balance will be applied towards the order total, to include shipping and taxes, if applicable.
  • Any remaining balance is available for future use.
  • There are no 'maintenance' or 'administrative' fees associated with a Gift Card.
  • Gift Cards will be available for use on all Belvedere Designs websites (new sites coming soon!)
  • The person using the card can monitor the Gift Card's activity, if they 'Activate' the card while logged in to their User Account.
  • Multiple Gift Card Codes may be applied to the same order. Simply repeat the process of applying a Gift Card to your order.

Our Gift Cards are completely digital and consist of a randomly generated six character code. If you would like to purchase Gift Cards in bulk, please Contact Us!

Gift Card Purchase

At purchase, you are able to provide an email address and message to be sent to the recipient. This is optional. Once the order is paid in full, either the recipient (if entered) or the customer who purchased the Gift Card will receive an email message. The message will contain the new Gift Card code as well as a link to activate the card.

Gift Card Activation

Before they can be used, Gift Cards must be Activated. Activation simply requires the customer to supply a 4 digit PIN (numbers only), just like a debit card. They may also enter an email address when they activate the card. The email address is ONLY required if an email address was entered when the Gift Card was purchased.

Gift Card Usage at Checkout

During the checkout process, there is a form that allows you to enter a Gift Card Code and your PIN. This should be done after you have entered your shipping information so that shipping charges and tax can be applied to your order, if applicable. After entering your Gift Card Code and PIN, click the 'check balance' button to display how much credit is on the Gift Card. If you would like to apply this towards your order, click the 'apply to order' button. If the order is now paid in full, the page will reload and inform you that the order is paid. However, you still need to ensure all information is complete and submit the order. Note that once you apply a balance to your order, it is deducted from your Gift Card. If you 'cancel' your order by pressing the 'cancel' button, any amount deducted from your Gift Card will be credited back. Note that if a Gift Card is applied to your order, it will display as a line item in the "Payment Method' section of the checkout form.